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Love and Caregiving: A Magic Combination

by: Kathi Koll on

For many family caregivers, love may be the solid underpinning that sustains them. This love may flow back and forth between the one receiving care and the caregiver in a way that deepens their bond. Years of caregiving may be a time for appreciation and connection as life slows from the fast pace of the outside world to the slow time of home and nurturance. The simple activities of eating, bathing, and toileting may become long processes while conversation may also happen only in small increments when the patient can manage it. This unhurried pace can provide a space for lov more

It's a vacation...until it isn't!

by: Kathi Koll on

The last thing anyone wants to do when planning a vacation is anticipate a medical emergency. Whether you’re in a faraway land or in your very own back yard, some planning can save your life and help those caring for you. Most of us realize that being a patient can happen when we least expect it. Hardly anyone focuses on the “other side of the coin.” One can become a caregiver overnight too! Most recently, a surprise emergency happened to a friend of mine while she and her husband were vacationing in Mexico. They weren’t prepared for what became a very serious medical s more