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Kathi Koll Quoted in Thrive Global Piece on Benefits of Laughter – 24-Feb-2020

Kathi Koll shared a fun memory of how laughter cheered and enlivened her husband after his stroke and it was featured in Thrive Global's collection of tips on the importance of laughter in daily l..

Parade Magazine mentions The Kathi Koll Foundation – 08-Sep-2019

Parade Magazine's September 8, 2019 article "Caring for the Caregiver" ( by Paula Spencer Scott features The Kathi Koll foundati..

Kathi Koll Memoir Named 2019 Independent Press Award Winner  – 17-May-2019

Kick-Ass Kinda Girl: A Memoir of Life, Love, and Caregiving by Kathi Koll has been named a 2019 Independent Press Award Winner ( in the Caregiving.. Features Kathi's Blog "Put Spring into Caregiving" – 01-May-2019

Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global reaches millions raising awareness and offering help to individuals, companies, and communities to improve their well-being and performance and unlock their grea..

Kathi Koll on "Real Talk with Riggin" News Talk Radio – 07-Mar-2019

Faune Riggin of KZIM KSIM News Talk Radio Interviews Kathi Koll for "Real Talk With Riggin" Listen to the interview ( ..

Listen to Kathi Koll on TheStrokeChannel.TV’s “Life After Stroke” Support Group Podcast – 18-Feb-2019

Kathi Koll joins Emmy Award winning producer and stroke survivor, Christopher Ewing, for StrokeChannel.TV's "Life After Stroke" Support Group Podcast recorded at Providence St. Joseph Med..

The Beach Reporter: Author Kathi Koll explores the challenges of caregivers – 16-Feb-2019

Kathi Koll, author of the intimate and moving memoir "Kick-Ass Kinda Girl: A Memoir of Life, Love and Caregiving," will be conducting a reading and Q & A at Pages bookstore in Manhat..

Watch the NBTV Broadcast of NBPL's Author Lecture Series with Kathi Koll – 29-Jan-2019

The Newport Beach Public Library Author Lecture Series kicks off their new season with Kathi Koll speaking about her book, her personal caregiving journey and hosting a lively Q&A with a..

The Caregiver's Voice Review of Kathi Koll's New Memoir – 22-Dec-2018

Kathi Koll lived the dream for six years with her real-estate developer husband before everything came to a screeching halt. He suffered a stroke – he would not walk, talk, or breathe on his..

"The Candid Caregiver" interviews Kathi Koll for – 13-Dec-2018

In an interview with "The Candid Caregiver" for, Kathi Koll discusses her new book, Kick-Ass Kinda Girl and the important work of The Kathi Koll Foundation. HeatlhCentral..

Caregiver Radio Interview: Peter Rosenberger Talks with Kathi – 18-Jul-2018 Kathi Koll’s Life-Changing Phone Call In 2005, Kathi Koll got THE phone call. Her husband phoned her to tell her he didn’t feel ..

Thrive Global: Series: Expert Caregiver Tips – 05-Jul-2018

July 5, 2018 This year, I will be sharing insights from other caregiving experts like Peter Rosenberger, who I met when he interviewed me on his radio show in October. Like me, Rosenberger has..

Thrive Global: Just as new technology has changed television and telephones, it’s also changing care – 03-Jul-2018

July 3, 2018 Just as new technology has changed television and telephones, it’s also changing caregiving. For busy caregivers who need time to work or relax while their loved ones stay hom..

Thrive Global: Finding One’s Way As a Caregiver – 09-Mar-2018

March 9, 2018 When Tina Lewis’ mother became ill, life became tumultuous and exhausting. Not only was her mother suffering, but Lewis, an only child, was suddenly a caregiver tackling nume..

Thrive Global: Bringing Back the Joy – 29-Dec-2017

December 29, 2017 When a stroke or other sudden health event has wreaked havoc on a couple's life together, retaining intimacy and joy may pale in the face of preeminent life and death issues...

Thrive Global: Getting Support: The Challenges Caregivers Face and How to Overcome Them – 09-Oct-2017

October 9, 2017 When people become parents for the first time, they encounter a new world with demands and stresses and joys that they never anticipated. Becoming a caregiver is..

Thrive Global: How to Find Help- Tips for Caregivers and Loved Ones – 22-Aug-2017

08/22/2017 The fourth in a 9-part series on guidance for new caregivers Strangely enough, when someone suffers from a stroke or other debilitating ailment, at least ..

The Huffington Post: Entering The Medical World As A Caregiver – 27-Jul-2017

7/27/2017 The third in a 9-part series on guidance for new caregivers When you are suddenly thrust into life as a caregiver, handling a loved one’s medical needs can be one of t..

Thrive Global: How to Build a Caregiver Support System – 18-Apr-2017

04/18/2017 The second in a 9-part series on guidance for new caregivers When suddenly thrust into life as a caregiver, one needs support—finan..

The Huffington Post: Financial Tips for New Caregivers: What to Expect and How to Find Your Way – 28-Mar-2017

March 28, 2017 The first in a 9-part series on guidance for new caregivers When one suddenly becomes a caregiver, the challenges can be immense and confusing. Aside from the varied emoti..

Thrive Global: Learning to Take Care of Oneself: Advice for New Caregivers – 08-Dec-2016

Learning to Take Care of Oneself: Advice for New Caregivers By: Kathi Koll One day, my husband, Don, was a vibrant, active and successful man, and the next he was paralyzed and..

The Huffington Post: How to Talk to Kids When a Disability Strikes a Loved One – 27-Sep-2016

September 27, 2016 When a parent or grandparent has a stroke or other sudden health incident and has become fully or partially disabled, talking to children about it can be a delicate e..

WebMD: Tips for a Caregiver of Someone Who's Had a Stroke – 01-Aug-2016

Tips for a Caregiver of Someone Who's Had a Stroke By Kara Mayer Robinson Reviewed by James Beckerman, MD, FACC ( In 2005, after h..

Enjoying Summertime After Stroke  – 11-Jul-2016

ENJOYING SUMMERTIME AFTER STROKE - kathi koll It’s summertime and you want to be outdoors enjoying the beach or other activities. But as a stroke survivor or caregiver, you’re dep..

The Huffington Post: What Its Like To Be A Caregiver – 11-Jul-2016

What Its Like to Be A Caregiver July 11, 2016 The following is a Q&A with Suzanne A., a Southern California-based caregiver. Suzanne is a caregiver to her ..

The Caregiver's Voice: A Real Feel Good Caregiver Story  – 22-Jun-2016

A Real Feel Good Caregiver Story By Brenda Avadian, MA 22 Jun 2016 Sometimes, we get to know people who deserve more from life than they’re getting. Caregivers ar..

Kathi Koll featured on Robert Schuller Ministries Podcast – 16-Jan-2016

Listen here to Kathi Koll from and learn how her foundation helps support people who find themselves as primary caregivers to a loved one. Kathi shares her personal story o..

How I Survived … My Husband’s Debilitating Stroke – 06-Jan-2015

Kathi Koll , of Newport Beach, tells writer Rachel Powers about the seven years she cared for her late husband, real estate developer Don Koll Don called me in the middle of the day from wor..